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Past Half of Seven Poems


It's a sad story to day
But the truth is real
The damnation is upon us
Our head is in the bag...

The rich rule the world
Mercy they have none
Because of the malice, the damn money
Millions are dying...

There is no more honesty
Poor guy doesn't even have a sleep
That's the scheme created
Everything is for sale today...

Drugs, trees, slavery
Water, oil and gas
The cemetery is full of the poor
Is there a salvation?

More than half the world
They have nothing to eat
Capital is a target for everyone
The rich don't care about misery...

Everybody swear to God
A mouth full of honesty
They would like to wear a crown
Satan's desire is in vain...

Man is a strange creature
Everything against himself is working
A dark dawn is dawning
Many are starving to death.



I would like to say a lot
I feel like singing a song
about love, life and happiness -
I wish no one suffers!

I wish all the people of the world
they do not get sick,
they do not suffer from hunger.
Everyone - from a woman to a small child
the twinkle in your eye to vomit.

In the eyes of shining stars
May the dawn be full of dew
to watch birds where they nest
to wear smiles on their face.

I wish there was no war
to live our lives in peace.
I wish a song was written
oh the joy of a rainbow after the rain!

I would like to say more and more
in a few words, a few verses
so that there should be no dreaming
about happiness already the future
is better, new.

I feel like singing all sorts of things
from the bottom of my heart to send a message.
This imagination of mine is big
to put oblivion on torment.

I wanna write a song
for all the people of the world to understand it -
bell song the most beautiful so far
For the whole planet to read it!

I would like even when I'm gone
that my song is read happily
Yes kindness brings back many people
so that everyone can be God's flock again.



The rain is coming cold
Stormy night it's gonna be
Destiny is my poor one
I can't hide my tears...

My soul has no peace
Not even a dark night this one
Sadness touches my heart
A long way is calling me...

Dark are the clouds above
In the sky in the distance
The sea waves gently
While I wait in silence...

Memories flying through my head
On the past days of the rainbow
I have a lot of thirst
I'm hurting with the feeling of sadness...

The force is leaving my body
I don't even have the will anymore
Like I'm waiting for a opelo
Napping on a deserted shore...

I can feel an end coming on
My time is passing by
I might go to heaven
I will take the burden off my salary...

I'm leaving my dreams behind
Letting the sun shine through
Darkness black is calling my name
Into an eternal embrace...

Spooky gloomy nights
I will sail across the seas
The black boat will come
Into the distance I will go...



No plaques or diploma
Can't give the song the rewards
The song is carried in your heart
While the hand writes the ballads itself.

Songs are the source of feelings
From a warm, poetic soul
A source of love and hope
What all barriers are breaking down.

Every song has a beginning
But it never ends
Because there is a song rhyme
Every poet carries it in his soul.

People are the same for the poet
His skin color doesn't matter
All poets are pure in soul
The song can not be fake.

Fighting for justice and world peace
Every poet cultivates within himself
Health, love for the planet
A poet does not write out of necessity.

If all people were poets
There would be peace all over the world
Love would bloom like flowers
They would stop the mischief hir.



I sulked out of my chest
The cool air feels good
Spring when it wakes up
The sun shines the most beautifully...

As the dawn breaks the wounds,
The happy song is the bird
Let's wait for better days
Illuminated with beauty...

The grass is green and full of roses
Flower buds on the trees
Messing around with your hair
Birds land to their nests...

The merry play of nature
Spectrum of the rainbow colors
My heart is really sick
The calmness of spring mornings...

And your pretty face
While the sun is shining
Just like the birds of paradise
Dreams come true...

Looking into the eyes of shining
I'm waiting for the dawn
Full of love that never ends
Stay in the palm of my hand...



The starry sky at night
The basket is blowing a cold one
In my thoughts in solitude
My soul is so pitiful...

A deep sadness within me
As the wind carries thoughts
Dreams of a woman
A flower in her hai...

And the pale moon shines
Remember the good old days
Take the river of dreams
The wounds remain in the heart...

Being alone knows how to hurt
The nights of sleepless, the lone ones
When someone loves each other
My mind is filled with sadness...

A view of an empty bed
Reminds me of your own words
With you through thick and thin
The memories are mine...

The times of happiness will come
They usually don't last long
Everything goes around comes around
Sadness remains at the end.



The icy cold winter
The morning fog is thick
House chimneys are in smoke
The white plains are empty...

There is no one out there
Everyone is running to a warm home
And the cat naps in the room
Messed up while making a break...

The roads are covered by snow
While other trees are decorated
That hill is also flat
The snow managed to hide him...

Whiteness all over the place
Some dog is getting bit by bit
The birds have no food
Seeking salvation under fear...

It's cold this winter
Not even the sun won't branch
And a stream under the ice waits
Warmer morning to dawn...

I am watching from my warm room
The harsh beauty of winter
I will surrender to my dreams
I"m having the best of my life...

People don't even be aware
What a force nature is
While the winter outside is furious
For us it was the case...


Past Half of Seven Poems
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