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Palette of Dreams

Dreams deferred are not stale like vegetables in pale and pink,
Nor leak like water from a blocked kitchen sink;
They have colors to transform themselves
Into art on canvas of life, like magical elves.

The held brush is not like a magician's stick
It does not strike itself to touch unfinished work with a flick; It needs will=powered bristles to transform with the grit
And sustainable need of the dreamer holding it.

As white as snow on a mountaintop, dreams dazzle and allure
The aggression will melt them away without potential to cure;
Neither can these be played anymore,
A slippery path can not be averted, is now impure.

Still and serene like waters of a blue lake -
Dreams are Co2 unlike oven ready to bake; Nonexistent, without nurtured feelings and thoughts,
Nor do they quench onlookers without joining the dots.

Dreams deferred accumulate,
With the green time, they germinate;
Cracking the grey rock of the status quo,
Pushing boundaries with will-powered blow. © Kuma Raj Subedi
Adelaide, South Australia Kuma Raj Subedi, MA/MTESL, is a lecturer and an Australian poet. His numerous poems have been published on various platforms: online and in print, such as Misty Mountain Review, Indian Review, Muse India, Aksharang, The Gorkha Times, Sahitya Post, Of Napalese Clay, The Indian Periodical, Nepalnamcha, Poetishes, The Offline Thinker, Setopati, The Rising Junkiri, The Writer's Cafe , etc. He often writes about issues such as nature, migration, love, culture and the suffering of women.

Palette of Dreams
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