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Two sides of the same coin are the opposites in life,
Overwhelmingly appear the ways and options rife,
Yet, the undeterred and fixed truth changeth not,
But, every day, you must give your best shot,
And, carefully, choose to avoid needless strife.

If you love the day you should also admire the night,
With acceptance you transform yourself into a shining knight,
Duality of Nature teaches you to love and imbibe grace,
And, for the challenges yourself, you can brace,
As you shift your vision and improve your sight.

With this lesson I manage to stay calm and cool,
Lest emotions and people make me a fool,
I become understanding and kind to all,
For life makes everyone sometimes rise and sometimes fall,
And, patience with mistakes, is my best tool.

When my mental health is good I can be nice,
With reduced expectations I can savor a trice,
Discovering peace in tranquil lands, I relish simple joys,
I now feel excited and curious, like the little girls and boys,
Surmising the importance of a bag full of rice.

Whoever tempers with such a stringent divine law?
At least I don't; my heart certainly does thaw,
A balance between the contraries saves me from withering away,
Practicing hard everyday, to be my own allay,
Hopefully, my footprint will be like a pet's loving paw.

© Amrita Mallik

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