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Oh Heart of Mine

© By Steve Lyman
United Kingdom The poet's poem was chosen as a 'Best Entry' and among eight poems altogether out of 24 entries in ILA Magazine's 'Heart Challenge', offered last week: "Your heart has just scheduled a meeting with you. What's on your heart's agenda that needs to be discussed." Poets were required to write a poem as if in deep conversation with their heart, and also required to apply at least one of the vocabulary words (from a previous post), inserted into their poem. Oh heart of mine, how are you, are you doing well,
You're beating irregularly, is something wrong, how it
begins, please tell.
Is there something causing you pain,
Have you been broken again?
Something isn't quite right,
I can fell it, especially at night...

My human friend, now it's time we had a chat,
I've been needing to tell you about this and that.
Sometimes, just try to listen to this loving heart,
Because without me, this is where it ends, you would
definitely fall apart...

Oh heart of mine, I feel you inside,
Your many emotions, you can not hide.
Talk to me, let's see what we can do,
I"m sure that together, we can see this through...

My beautiful soul, I'm always here,
Beating for you loud and clear.
You know I want what is best for you,
So I agree, let's begin to talk this through...

Oh heart of mine, let's begin a conversation,
Give me some kind of indication,
About your current situation,
So we can diagnose, with an evaluation...

My precious man, I feel the things you do,
But sometimes you neglect me, too.
Your actions cause me pain and sorrow,
Before this ends, take care of me for a better

Oh heart of mine, you have withstood such pain,
Yet still you pump blood through every vein.
Sending messages directly to my brain,
We can sort out whatever is needed, let's begin again.

Oh beautiful soul, you have so much care,
Don't waste it with hatred, that you hold there.
Fill me with joy, I'm a gift from above,
Connect with this heart, fill it with love.

Oh heart of mine, you know I will listen,
I've always cared for you, whatever your condition.
Believing with all my love, that you have always
Beating even faster, when I become so high rated...

My human friend, I am pleased we had this talk,
Remember I also help you breathe and walk.
There are no ends, and nothing I wouldn't do,
As long as you give me pure love so true...

Oh heart of mine, let's work together,
Let's use our emotions, put us back together.
You're the engine inside, that keeps me alive,
Your every single beat, allowing me to survive...

Yes my dear human, I totally agree,
I will look after you, if you look after me.
Please don't leave me broken anymore,
Use me as a loving heart, just as you did before...

Oh heart of mine, we've shared time of sadness,
Times of great joy, even times of madness.
Let's face it, you're winsome, you lose some...
Yet still you continue, to take my every emotion,
Flushing all my inner feelings, with your love and devotion.
You may not feel really happy right now,
But I promise you, we will get through this somehow...

My precious man, you can do this for sure,
But remove all this pain, before you walk out the door.
I will guide you through, it begins today and still tomorrow,
Just fill me with love, dispose of all the sorrow...

Oh heart of mine, let's put you back together,
And continue to beat for me, now and forever.
Whatever life brings we will always endeavor,
Because I need you here, and you have faith me never...

Now together we can truly begin to share,
It's because we both wholeheartedly care...
And together, let's share every emotion,
Because our problems are just a drop in the ocean.
Let's connect with the mind, share these feelings we live,
And show the world we love it, our emotions have no ends,
that we will always forgive...

Oh Heart of Mine
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