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Odes to Sunsets

Recently, we offered a themed challenge, the requirement for poets to write an Ode to Sunsets. Though there are various forms of odes, we stuck to the Irregular which has no protocols and only focuses on the praising of the main subject, in this occasion, the Sunset. We chose ONE best entry (written by ENCY BEARIS) and four other poets we absolutely could not pass over for their odes were descriptive in praise. Also, as our acknowledgement for Mr. Bearis Ode, we gifted him with the newly published book of Author Maria Evelyn Quilla Soleta's book, "Chasing Sunsets with You", with a picture of Ency holding up her book, which we will include in the image gallery at end of this feature. AN ODE TO SUNSETS

I loved to be by beach to rest
Where I have peace of mind, the best

And thereby watching the sunset
Sky's things to view in silhouette

Like in a hide and seek they play
Against sunlight, somehow, some way

A great scenario at horizon
Sunset scenes taking my attention

As I'm watching sunset by the beach
Other events to my feelings reached

Waves of cacophony of caprice
Tuneful sounds are adding to my peace

Lullaby in similarity
Although refrains in asperity

Along with zephyr's blow at sunset
Cordial, refreshing to mindset

Oh how awesome, be in twilight
Glorious time, and with delight

However, there's real pathos bites me
When sun being swallowed by the sea

Oh not, just the sun to be ahead
Be comfortable, sleep at seabed

Ah, it's nature's act I construe
Sun's daily routine to go through

Sun to rest thereafter taxing day
Yet, I enjoyed sunsets anyway

Sunsets, my solace, I extol
Be in ease mind, my life is whole.



The enigma of a sunset never ends
its splendor evokes pathos to hearts it sends
it cushions the asperity of daily living
a tribute to a day's end without misgivings.

The golden ebony of daylight and sundown intertwines,
the panoramic light spreads in the skies
It is construed as homage to a princess
reluctant to leave her throne, her caprice.

Oh divine sunset, the royalty of the majestic sky
you paint a portrait of splendor for birds to fly
the clouds hovering, guarding their treasure
sealing the fate of the day with pleasure.

The skies and the seas blend with nature
merging as one, its reflection without measure
Waves kissing the ebony sand of the shore
truly a work of art, elegance galore.

Oh divine sunset, you never fail to impress
your beauty always relieves the stress.
You are the keeper of my varied emotions
as I stare into your soul's reflection.



I watch. your death each day and dusk appears
Your glowing orb so constant through the years
And as you leave then darkness like a shroud
Engulfs the earth victorious and proud
All day you burn with light so we might see
You give us heat that rises by degree
Without you no tomorrows would ensue
Our world would die...there's nothing to construe
Each sunset just reminds us once each day
That life goes on in magical array
For your demise each day brings hope and peace
Assured tomorrows, bring a new caprice
At sunrise, when you slowly reappear
To journey through a never ending year
We greet you at the ending of each day
A pathos yet...a wonderful display!



A glimpse of your stunning beauty of tranquility
Makes me be relaxed and stressed free of anxiety

My favorite thing to look in the azure mirrored sky
A sunset of hues like a kaleidoscopic lens hanging high

Sitting on a quiet spot piling up with sudden emotions
Reminiscing childhood memories I felt when lonesome

It's a magical thing to glance
Like a wand flip you in a trance

A picturesque view I always want
Along watching insects haunt

Its peaceful sight gives solace
A nimbus glow that's flawless

Mesmerized by its golden rays of pathos decrease
Gazing for hours till the flame finally ceases

The silhouette of the sunsets twin hiding
As you come forward in charge and gliding

Such a wondrous sight when the caprice of sunset gone
Awaiting when you rise again till it's time for dawn.



The incandescent
Star of the sky
Sparkles and burns,
Hanging like a luminous pendant,
Keeps alive the spirit of life,
Both living and inanimate.
But nobody dares glance at the raging
Fire in which you dwell
So comfortably, and well.

When you come down
With your chariot of fire,
After a hard day's journey,
We enjoy your soothing, resplendent
Light, bereft of the asperities,
In a cacophony of caprice and color.

Amorous waves rejoice and rise,
In anticipation of twilight and the moon.
The mackerel sky,
Spangled in fierce orange and
Passionate crimson,
Serenades the seagulls flying low,
Circling over the dusky sea,
In search of the last supper.

It is time for revellers,
Lovers, young and old, and those
Grieving their construed loss,
To throng the beaches,
For a revival of life and hope,
This is the enigmatic hour of
When you plunge,
Headlong in the waters, slowly
Planting your last fiery kiss
On the face of the nubile night,
Before calling it a day.


In the slideshow below, along with our introductory image, we are including the photography of poetess, Gloria Magallanes-Loeb.

Odes to Sunsets
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