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By Danijela Ćuk When I arrived from a distant city,
to the hometown of my soul, I know that in front of the door of the old house, a smile and the most beautiful hands that exist are waiting. My mother's arms need so many hugs, and a smile appearing upon this woman I admire, when her eyes see me and my steps, happiness and hope shine on her face. My dear mother is already old, but with pride she wears her age, the traces of time are slightly felt in her steps, and in her hair. Even the hands are not as strong as they used to be, her legs don't serve her like long ago. Time has taken its toll, nothing is the same, anymore. But her gentle look remains the same and her tender smile when she sees me, and the heart of a lioness blooming because a mother's love never withers. I saw a tear falling from her eyes
and asked her, "Mother, why are you crying?" She doesn't say a word,
and quietly hugs me. Her years have come,
but she doesn't give in, no,
dear mother, I only have you left,
I only have you left. In the birth house where memories live,
where I played school as a child, I love the memories of you
and I know you love me, too. My dear mother holds my memories close, As a shield, her comfort. Though her parting is difficult, dear mother, Remember, I am always by your side. Tears are coming, parting is closer but again I will come and make your beautiful eyes shine. Guard my home and the fragrances of my youth, let them shield you as you shield them, I depart with a tremor in my spirit, carrying profound sorrow within.

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