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Mayyu Hamim

Rohang Poet & Writer "It is totally hard for me to describe my life in any way since I am a weak refugee who is still denied justice." I desire to live my life
On the lap of my birthplace
Camp isn't my haunt;
I feel suffocated and bored,
Exhausted and agonized
nook and cranny of the camp.

No more confined life;
No more REFUGEE life. © Mayyu Hamim "MY QUEST TO FIND YOU" The weather's rain
The rain's liquid
These droplets are my search for you.

The inquiries on the rain
The potential of the real solution
Potential and negligence
Nobody but you.

It beats me a bit
Whether it will be rain
Till my last breath.

But it's optimistic,
These drops on the grass,
Sparkling like diamonds shine,
Appear just like you
As it's my heart's search for you.

The first stanza inspired by Jubin Nautiyal's song, therefore, I've given it an additional try to prolong it.

© Mayyu Hamim "MUSIC IS A HEALING THERAPY" Music is a healing therapy,
That soothes my dried heart
When it's rhythmic intonations
A melodious voice runs through.

Once I feel blue, disheartened,
Carry a heavy heart as the caged;
Like the featherless birds in prison,
It makes me sing for a new morn.

I've been dying for the native cage,
Like a satisfying solace in my soul,
A glimmer of hope I'm calmed down
And makes me optimistic and bold.

© Mayyu Hamim "Never underestimate yourself and never misplace at any time, though it's the hardest one. You have your own creativity and intellectuality to soar like a feathered friend."


Tranquil and imaginary fog
Healing my heartache
Under the ancient bridge

© Mayyu Hamim

Mayyu Hamim
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