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Lamp of Light

By Sarala Balachandran

Sarala's poem is ILA's one out of sixteen BIWEEKLY picks we chose to be published on our Blog.

In this vast expanse of universe
I see myself as a tiny lamp
in the midst of a dark forest
which flickers every time
giving a loving glance
to the passerby.
The little lamp I am.
I am humble and simple
but when it's about to blow out
no one comes to pour little oil
I struggle till the end to keep flickering!
When soot gather around every time
I see a divine little child
comes with a bottle of oil
sits next to me and with love
pours the oil and I start burning again
with happiness, spreading light around!
She smiles and folds her hands in obeisance
and goes away leaving me alone
in the midst of the little forest!
she promised to come again
when I am about to blow out
helping me kindle throughout my life!
Soon, I see pretty flowers blooming
next to me spreading fragrance
to keep me happy, wondrous are God's ways.
Small little snakes crawl by
without harming anyone.
They too, lift up their hood to the dim light I am,
caressing me all over!
Let me be a burning lamp throughout,
in the dark to show everyone
the path to brighter days!

Lamp of Light
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