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Irma Kurti


Unforgettable: that cold winter -
in each hand, a glass of wine.
Our words trembled in the air
like the flame of candle's light.

Those evenings full of passion
when we danced together,
in your arms I glided; I was lost -
everything looked like a fable.

The fear of losing one another,
lurked like a shade in our eyes,
always present in the joy,
in the jovial moments, in the silence.

Now the candles are blown out;
I miss the magic of their blaze -
that blaze that burns within me
and never leaves me in peace.

© Irma Kurti "ONE DAY"

One day you won't be jealous;
yo won't admire me in silence.
When I come. home late,
you won't ask me: "Why?"

You won't sleep with my image;
won't wake up dreaming of me.
I'll not be part of your thoughts:
my voice won't sound like a melody.

You won't keep me in your heart; we'll debate, maybe without end.
I'll get tired and break into pieces; I'll feel pity for us, for myself.

I hope I won't live till that day;
I hope that day never comes
when, like a dream or a memory,
you bring me into your mind.


Tomorrow I'll be free.
Unrelenting, I shall watch the sun
and take in the kiss of its rays,
lying drunk under the azure sky;
I'll greet the coming of the days
with no dark clouds,
without a shade like you.

I shall breathe in freedom;
nobody will bother me
with endless questions.
There will be no long waits
and no more desperation.
I won't be drowned in tears.
No one will lie to me.

Tomorrow, I'll be free.

© Irma Kurti Irma Kurti is an Albanian poet, writer, lyricist, journalist and translator and has been writing since she was a child. She is a naturalized Italian and lives in Bergamo, Italy. All her books are dedicated to the memory of her beloved parents, Hasan Kurti and Sherif Mezini, who have supported and encouraged every step of her literary path.

Kurti has won numerous literary prizes and awards in Italy and Italian Switzerland. She was awarded the Universum Donna International Prize IX Edition 2013 for Literature and received a lifetime nomination as an Ambassador of Peace by the University of Peace, Italian Switzerland.

In 2020, she became the honorary president of WikiPoesia, the encyclopedia of poetry. She received the Leonardo da Vinci and Giacomo Leopardi prizes from the Chimera Arte Contemporanea Cultural Association of Lecce. In 2022, she was nominated as the Albanian ambassador to the International Academic Award of Contemporary Literature Seneca of the Academy of Philosophical Arts and Sciences, Bari.

She is a member of the jury for several literary competitions in Italy. She is also a translator for the Ithaca Foundation in Spain.

Irma Kurti has published 26 books in Albanian, 21 in Italian, 15 in English and two in French. She has written approximately 150 lyrics for adults and children. She has also translated 15 books by different authors, and all of her own books into Italian and English.

Irma Kurti is one of the most translated and published Albanian poets. Her books have been published in the United States, Canada, France, Italy, Romania, Turkey, Kosovo, the Philippines, Cameroon, India, Chile and Serbia.

Irma Kurti
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