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Inner Peace Feature

On April 11th, we offered a prompt with the theme: "Where does one find inner peace?" We offered some choices (spending time in nature, writing/reading, meditation, exercise/sports, cooking, volunteering), or, another not mentioned on the list. Poets were required to write a poem in 16 lines or a micro-passage. Out of all the spectacular responses we received, 3 poets touched our inner spirit and their poems resonated. "River" The miraculous power of water
melts the weight of feelings
in the mirror of the soul...

Countless rays of light dance
on the surface...

I see the water,
I dive with the look in her
until I become a river...

Feelings are floating
without weight...intention...
no desire to return...
No pain...

The truth of the infinite expanse of sparks
bathing on the moon
at the dawn that longs for dreams...

© Gordana Andonovska
"The Soul Rest"

The soul needs rest
the soul needs inner peace
And I can find it in nature
Where I don't hear noise
Where I hear music
where I am not insulted
Where I am not judged.
In nature, I find a quiet corner
To regain myself
To not give back hate
I meditate and I realize
All I want is staying far away
From people who point the a finger to me.
I am tired of being the black sheep
I am tired of being seen
As the only persons with sins.

© Bogdana Gageanu "Where do you find inner peace?" Peace is only in the Nature
Its beauty gives inner peace to call creatures.

Endless blue sky with silvery clouds
Unrest blue waves of ocean
Loving sounds of beautiful birds
Myriad colors of dancing
All gives me inner peace

Golden rays of sunshine and sunset
Diamond drops on the grasses in winter morning
Green lands with cereal and pulses
Solitude in the dense forest
All give me inner peace. © Manoj Kumar Satapathy

Inner Peace Feature
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