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I found You, Allah

Oh, the Magnificent!
I was lost
Looked East and West
North and South
Above and Below
My vision sealed
Was indulged in worldly affairs, so deep
Neglected the snow-covered mountains
Always amazed to see You
Exhausted my mind
By questioning Your existence
Pondered over everything
Was in a constant battle between
Your existence and non-existence
My intellect almost drowned me
Was in a desperate need of peace
But my instinct had a spark
Saved me
Something drew away the cataract from my eyes
My instinct spelled out the existence of the divine power
And I found You, Allah
In the quietest part of the night
In the silence hovering between dark and night
At the edge of the farthest mountain
Between the Valley and the river
Beyond the edge of the scented meadow
In the hues painted by the setting sun
In every drop of rain and snow
In every particle of soil
In Literature and in Philosophy
In Big Bang Cosmology and
In Energy Conservation Law of Thermodynamics
In gender creation
In Mathematics, a language
You wrote the universe in
Where algebra taught me
Balancing a mathematical equation
Is equivalent to balancing a life situation
And then I found myself settled in paradise.
I found You, Allah.
So, You found me lost, and guided me. © Mir Aaliya Manzoor
Email: Research Scholar, Lovely Professional University
Phagwara-144411, Punjab

I found You, Allah
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