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Tales of Love, Loss and Resilience

This poem was chosen among seven other poems and from a total of 24 entries in ILA Magazine Facebook group's challenge: "Your heart has just scheduled a meeting with you. What's on your heart's agenda that needs to be discussed?" Poets were required to write a poem as if the heart and poet are in deep conversation with each other. Poets were also required to apply words given to them to insert into their poetry. O heart, so mysterious and full of grace,
Do share with me the secrets of your sacred space.
What tales do you hold, hidden deep within?
Oh, please let our minds and souls begin!

Ah, dear poet, I'm glad you've come to inquire,
My whispers of emotions and desires I shall now inspire.
Through joy and sorrow, love and pain,
Together, we will explore the facets that remain.

Tell me, dear heart, what makes you beat so strong?
With every rhythm, is there a story to prolong?
Does love ignite the flames that dance within?
Or does heartbreak leave scars too deep to mend?

Ah, poet, love is indeed the fuel for my fire,
It sets my spirit ablaze, taking me higher.
From tender kisses to love's sweetest embrace,
Love's melody, in my chambers, finds its place.

And what of heartbreak, heart, tell me true,
Does it leave you shattered, feeling so blue?
Can you mend the cracks and heal the pain?
Do you find solace in love's sweet refrain?

Oh, poet, heartbreak can indeed leave me ajar,
But like a phoenix, I rise from the scars.
Each fracture, a reminder of lessons learnt,
A chance to grow, to nurture, and reassert.

And what of joy, dear heart, so pure and bright?
Does laughter guffaw within you, with delight?
Tell me tales of mirth and delight,
Of sunny days that banish the night.

Oh poet, joy resides within me, alive,
Like a bubbling brook, where dreams thrive.
Laughter's guffaw, like a symphony's call,
Echoes through the chambers, sparks the hall.

But dear heart, amidst life's trials and pained strife,
Do you not falter, in the darkness of life?
Does tintinnabulation of sorrow, too loudly ring?
Or do you whisper courage, through every sting?

Ah poet, sorrow does touch me, it's true,
But I rise, steadfast, to each challenge anew.
For in every tear, resilience I find,
Strength woven within my every design.

How wonderful, dear heart, your resilience shines,
In the face of agony, you still intertwine.
With life's ebb and flow, triumphs and strife,
You continue to guide us on the journey of life.

Together, dear poet, let us celebrate the heart's might,
Its infinite capacity to love, to feel, and to ignite.
May our verses capture the essence of your beat,
And remind the world of the love it awaits to meet.

Thank you, dear heart, for this captivating tale,
For allowing me to unveil emotions so frail.
Through poetry, let your beauty be unfurled,
Forever echoing the stories of the heart's cherished world.


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