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Gloria Magallanes-Loeb

Presentation of Gloria Magallanes-Loeb , a bio, her recently published book, 'NATURE: The Moon, The Sun, Flowers and Feelings', and three images of her poems, "Moonlight Rays", "Tulips", and "Lion Flower III". All images are presented in a slideshow at closure of her feature. Gloria Magallanes-Loeb is an Author, poetess and moderator. She has lived in San Francisco (USA), for over 30+ years. She is married and has one grown son. Her married name is pronounced like an Ear Lobe, which many people can't say correctly. She studied Bachelor of Commerce and majored in Business Management. Gloria started writing poetry in grade school but it was in high school, her poems were published in the school paper, Tolentine Star . She is a member of various International Poetry Groups.

Gloria is also a contributor of 14 book anthologies, 'Saving One Poem at a Time', 'ColoveOration', 'Rainbows and Daydreams', 'The Art of Poetry', 'The 5th World Book of Gogyoshi', to name a few. She is also a Lifetime Achievement Awardee given by Aida Roque, founder of GWWC and The Poetic Gold Flame Ink Society. She participated in an Open Mic w/ other poets, reciting poems live through Zoom by Annette Tarpley, Founder of Passion of Poetry (POP FB Group). Gloria was also invited by " Coffee with Loi" on her YouTube Channel by founder, Loi Monroe of Pen Wonders International and Vibrant Poetry Group.

Gloria's new book, 'NATURE: The Moon, The Sun, Flowers and Feelings', published by McKinley Publishing Hub (MPH), is now currently available on Amazon , and Barnes & Noble. Below, we have added a "slideshow" of Gloria Loeb's poetry and book images. If you want to see in full view, just a click will do.

Gloria Magallanes-Loeb
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