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Written by ADELISA LISA ATANASOVSKA A cold wind blows from the north
the cold shots like a revolver
Guards around the frozen heart
home, of the red bud...
He hid the roads with ice
which leads to those areas
and no one knew it
what is hidden in the heart.
Time hid the secret
while the bud waited for help.
Destiny intervened
she gives to the south wind, the evidence solid
from south to north he moved to
fight the battle ensued
by the will of God...
Two titans collided,
many wounds were bleeding,
the earth and the heavens trembled
while the fire of rage blazed.
Destiny was just waiting for that
she melted the ice with fire.
The path leading to the heart appeared
the sun of love warms all,
with the rays of freedom.
Open the bud of its own petals.
It became a rose, with the most beautiful color.
The flower of love in the heart blooms
again to love, the most sacred duty in life.

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