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Featured Poets and Visual Artists

In this feature, we publish "Best Entries" chosen from an offering on March 25, 2022. TOMORROW, SEND FOOTPRINTS BACK

I return again with the chorus: I go...
The birds this morning owe the sky a new journey
debt to the homeland, not a wheel to mend
The fog and wind from far away still lingers at home.

Dear country, I know
the moment of separation is like a ferry crossing where people go sad,
one person stays sad, too
May the marigolds stay in your clothes for Tet
sent to the door, creak to keep a few more hours of laughter
and talk yesterday
Messaged with jam cake on spring day,
Please slowly fade

Every year I come back and take away a little bit of my hometown
A little love, a few simple packages
In my memory, there are even spring buds that have not yet bloomed
The sound of promises and farewells were filled along the way

I'm afraid of missing this tomorrow like a copper starling forever
far away from spring for countless eons
afraid to forget the familiar shore
I will leave footprints tomorrow.

© Nguyễn Thanh Hai
Vietnam LOSS

If in real she can smile
And the devilish eyes in shine
So much beauty and soulful

As she, when met me again
As being bait betwixt the rain
Pain and twinge I borrowed from her

As I loved she can never be done
can't be done
no more in me of mine

But once said that
Let it kill you in the pose of
And love is Loss
But loss is the better ending of every eternity.

© Parth Aasim Shaaz THE AVE - MEDIUM

Listen...! it's sweet and melodious song
symphony of chirps in the idyllic tranquil valley
who play your happy fluted notes? perhaps, the gods or the fairies, of other worlds?

before the eternal nights, are...
when almost, hope is lost...
start your jovial and exhilarated song
prelude to good vibes and hunches.

among exotic flowers, you mimic your presence
but your joyous trills, betray your amusement,
You come from the saving light when it's darkness
and you anticipate with graceful fanfare, the new days.

Oh wacky bird watchers...
reveal to me the simple blackbird, its legend
jumps and hides among the neat nature,
appearing on the path of the chosen ones.

your encryption message is in what you do...
pointing to you, like this, the wise balance
what you need, to travel, through life.
they are secrets from other worlds...

they are messages from invisible worlds,
that awaken in humans, a glow,
of enlightened creativity, peace and healings,
that is the blessed magic of his seductive song. © Antonio Bolivar Campiño Montenegro REMINISCENCE

My wrinkled palm still so close to yours,
And for years and years ere from the Baskin Stores,
Two lone strangers met as one and for ages one,
A journey to reminisce and cherish till the play is done. I breathe in you and cling to your soul,
In e'ery perfume drop I smell you whole,
I tread o'er moorlands thru' hazel shores,
Yet carry the scent that's unfeignedly yours.

O ye beloved soul of bliss; lemme bide in you,
The ring of diamond emanates bright a sublime tinge of blue.
It's still in a vehement outcry unleashes bygone hues,
And but reminisce age old tales counting drops of dews.

A fairly frozen December morn and a warm sip of love,
The gleeful clouds of Christmas Day floats all above.
Thither thru' the ivory swathe I behold your face,
Still too green in crimson curve showering drops of grace.

Few more winters; the sleigh shall rush,
And then together a day in hush;
The sleigh of dreams must leave the crust,
And perch forever in the castle of dust.

Eighty miles of roads unveil'd; yet few miles ain't ta'en,
Few more miles thru' shores of joy; few roads midst are broken.
O to truce must vengeance kneel and plead for a day to laugh,
And a day we both must leave with nostrum bowls to quaff.

© Dipanjan Bhattacharjee BEFEATHER IN BAD WEATHER From daylight to twilight
I shine as sunlight, at times moonlight
Each day stormy winds knock at my door
All of a sudden, whirly waves onto my shore
Waves can roll pebbles, not my rolling passion

Arrival of autumn, saddens Garden of my heart
Of blooming as daisy someday; none can apart
However, I sense fragrance of springs
I am not afraid what fortune brings
Seasons come and go, be in stable flow

Nature preaches, to surge my will power
I lend an ear on the hour
Time turns to terrific turn
No bad weather stays long, if you are stubborn
Hence, be feather in bad weather. © Harsh Sharma The Sunflower and the Hibiscus My lovely friend, it seems that the rain did not give you a bother
You are still standing straight here amidst the April shower
I admire your good health, you never catch a cold
You have to be here to greet people ad feel consoled. How about you, red Hibiscus, you remain pretty amidst the rain
Yes, that is true my dear friend, tomorrow I will not be here again
I have only a day to show my grace, tomorrow I am wilted and gone
A new Hibiscus will bloom and show its beauty to everyone.

My dear Hibiscus, I am happy that there is a ballerina in the garden
Her graceful dancing makes this place look like a garden of Eden
I don't get bored though I inhale the poison gases thrown daily
Look at the smudges on our bodies, they'll destroy us eventually.

My dear Sunflower, what is the secret of your sweet smile?
It seems you don't have any problem even for a while
You are not bothered by screaming thunders and flashing bolts of lightning
You just don't know that my heart is filled with fears when these are occurring.

Yes, if you have faith in the Almighty, you will not have any fear.
There are times when life gets rough, but He is always here.
Hard times come to us for a good reason, my dear friend
Sometimes they come to teach us valuable lessons to the end.

My best friend Sunflower, now I know why you have a happy life
I understand why the storms came and you fought ever strife Without the storms, you will never wait for the sun to shine again
Being with you, makes me see the wisdom behind the falling rain.

© Dolores Lapinid (Painting below by Dolores Lapinid)

Featured Poets and Visual Artists
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