Featured Poetry of a very talented poet, Mr. Dusan Kovacevic Batulja from Serbia. LET'S PROTECT THE EARTH

How beautiful is this night,
a starry sky and a shiny Moon!
I wish I had the power,
to find out how many secrets there are.

Among the stars in the universe,
endless imagination that lures me,
how many millions are those
in that distant, beautiful darkness?

How many stars are there in the sky,
a planet of many satellites,
along with meteorites and meteorites -
my heart is constantly wondering.

The starry sky and the moon,
mom's distances and in dreams...
What a joy that would be -
you can't even say it with lyrics.

Our planet is beautiful, people,
the most beautiful flower of heaven.
As long as it wasn't the evil of the world
not to destroy the Earth to the end.

Let's guard the Earth like birds nest,
so that our life doesn't turn off,
so that the Earth is not an ordinary star
looking for a place to settle down. © Dusan Kovacevic Batulja ETERNAL PEACE

One day when the end comes
When the black earth covers me
Spring will come and the month of May
Dew will wash the green grass...

New flower springs will arrive
The sun will shine and the moon will be yellow
My shoulders will be in the ground too -
The journey of life will end...

My star will go out
The soul will find eternal peace
The birds will be making new nests
Such is destiny, God's wrath...

Winter and new summers will come
People will dream new dreams
This planet will still live
I just won't be there...

Maybe only memories remain
To the one man that was
Full of feelings, desire, hope
Who had nice dreams...

Autumn rains will come again
They will fall one one monument
No one will be seeing me again
Let the rains wash my picture at least...

© Dusan Kovacevic Batulja IS THERE A SPOT

Is there any place in the world
Where can I find peace
Cheating on the fate of the damned
To stop the whim of wars...

Is there a place out there
From the sun to find the shade
Does anyone have a place
Where the world is not ruled by hunger...

Is here an end somewhere
A rainbow after the rain
As far as a man can
Free air to breath...

Is there a place out there
Where the people are not evil
I wonder by my lonely, a lot
Why are we so cursed...

We are all children of God
What a force divides us
Now why can't everyone do it
There's a life to look forward to.

Does anyone have a place
Where does the malice come to an end
I would like to know, just
Is there a heaven?

© Dusan Kovacevic Batulja GIVE ME YOUR HAND

It's a sinister weather this time
Cold rain pouring down quietly
Its weighing heavy on my heart
A drop of raindrops hide my tear...

Wet body prose out
I'm still waiting for you on the street
I wipe the drops off my forehead
In this deep darkness...

You know I have been waiting for you a long time
Open the door of happiness
I will say goodbye to sadness
there will be no regrets...

Make my wish come true
On this cold night
Keep my bed warm, too
I would like to come to you...

Give me your hand
Put her in the palm of my hand
I would like to be in peace
With you to wait for the day...

© Dusan Kovacevic Batulja