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MOHAMMAD ERFUN AMIN Mohammad Erfun Amin is a Rohingya, twenty-three year old, passionate young writer and a trilingual published poet, living now at the world's biggest refugee camp in Bangladesh. He strongly believes in the soul connection between writer and reader. He has a mystic connection with the world of imagination and fantasy and his pen bows down in any papers on the themes of love, nature, misery of refugee life. loneliness of elders or younger, mysterious earth and about humanitarian, indeed.

His writing pieces may have different styles and methods. He believes poetry to be a source of escape and comfort and his major intention of writing is to make others feel happy. He possesses quite an optimistic and innovative writing style and sets his sight to revive the true essence of literature through his affection and enthusiasm with art and poetry.

Mohammad is the author of three poetry books, 'Miracles of Nature', 'Harvest of Dew' and 'A Memoir of Love Between Two Refugees.' Mohammad was honored on 22 February, 2020 by the Peru Government for Excellence of Literature, World Laureate in Literature from World Nations Writer's Union Forum in 2019, Bronze Star Award in February 18, 2019, Recognition of Exhibiting Literary Brilliance Par Global Standard under Gujarat Sahitya Academy in August 15, 2021 and Golden Badge Award on 15th of July, Motivational Strips Forum.

Mohammad Erfun is the co-author of more than one hundred international anthologies and also in three Amazon Bestselling anthologies, 'A Spark of Hope: A Treasury of Poems for Saving Lives', 'Break the SILENCE: An Anthology of Poems Against Domestic Violence' by the literary forum, 'How to Write for Success' and 'Signature of Truth' by World Wide Writer's Union Forum. Many of his poems have been published in international anthologies, magazines, famous websites and in journals. He is a regular contributor of many online international poetry forums. Mohammad Erfun Amin's Book can be viewed on Amazon
and his blog can be viewed below: Mohammad Erfun Amin

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