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This beautifully written poem was chosen as BEST ENTRY for a November 10th Poetry Challenge with the theme, "If you could freeze time in one moment of your life, what would it be?" INDELIBLE The time when I had my heart broken,
I thought it was indelible.
It became a part of me that would never be forgotten -
How I crumpled,
How I stooped,
How I desperately tried to heal...
Yet time in its own pace,
has its own way to repay
all the tears,
all the pain,
all the dark nights,
they crafted me like a sculpture.
If time would ever be frozen,
I'd choose now.
How I healed,
how I grew,
how I bloomed like a flower,
they all mean a lot now.
I choose now,
the happier,
the better version of myself
with the right person in my heart,
I will keep this thing indelible.
After all, love makes time stand still.

© Lisa L. Penaflor

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