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Feature of Ninfa Vasquez Mateo

Recently, two of Ninfa's poems were picked as "Best Entries", one poem from the April 2nd, 2022 Prompt Challenge: " Gazing at the Moon From the Balcony" and from an "Anything Friday" offering held on April 15, 2022. "Gazing at Moon From Balcony"

Far away distance, mesmerized as gazing at moon from balcony
The universe cast its magical spell, lighting the world with golden rays
Phases of moon reverberates in our lives, moonlight gives hope in pain
Reflection of starry lights and moonbeam, enlighten the mind in darkness.

Moon is the realm of consciousness, brightens the clouded perceptions
Shapes the capacity for transformation, magnificently reflects ourselves in realities
The guiding light in chapters of everyone's life, influence in balancing emotions
Showing our deepest understanding, comprehensive appreciations.

Resonating brightness magnanimously radiating strength beneath the earth
Transmitting powerful energy beyond the surface of the horizon
Get up like the moon channeling the weary mind and well being
The moon is rising every evening, delightfully spending time with loved ones.

Will the moon come again giving its brilliant moonlight?
Will surely gaze at moon from balcony, love being alive having my best moments.

© Ninfa Vasquez Mateo Reminiscing...

What's so special having the best day?
Remembering all the beautiful times,
Staring beyond at the farthest river end,
Adoring the most compassionate moment

Wonderfully looking back at the olden years,
Colorful reflection of surprised calling to mind,
Impressive recollection of meaningful events,
Reminiscing of those precious memories

Forever entwined to the golden experiences,
Longing for all the treasured remembrances,
Cherishing the unforgettable togetherness,
Emptiness will be tomorrow's forgetfulness

Timeless significance is the shielding hopes,
Touching twilight saga that the future holds,
Enhancing life with imaginative perceptions,
Devoting the whole existence to love others

How lovely to feel the soft wind on a breezy day,
Enchanting to hear the echoes of the chirping birds,
Listening and watching the reverberating flow of water,
Whispering soothing sound of the melodious nature.

© Ninfa Vasquez Mateo

Snapshots below...the poetess waited for 2 hours to capture twilight to dusk at Johndel Beach Resort, Nasugbu, Batangas Philippines.

Feature of Ninfa Vasquez Mateo
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