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Feature of Dr. Yogendra Arya

Dr. Yogendra Arya is gifted in both literature and visual arts. Recently, we chose him as Poet of the Week (January 8 - 13th, 2023) and December's Monthly Visual Artist for his vivid, striking, picturesque nature photography and his outstanding candid, colorful captures, snapshots of wild animals and playfulness on the beach. "I BREATHE EASY" I look here and there
I look before and after
I think of my dead past
I worry about future not yet
I smile just too little
I am pensive more often
Submerged in all weariness
Exhausted by over thinking
Most of the time woebegone
Crestfallen and dampened spirit
And I look all around
It is not just me
Almost all humanity
Absent in present
With great grit and grind
Rivers of tears taught me
Just to be in the present
Just breathe easy and let go...
Be here and now...
Life is not then and there
All is here and now
Now I breathe easy.

© Dr. Yogendra Arya Dr. Yogendra Vasudev Arya is a photographer, poet, educator, traveler and mediator. He is the principal of Rainbow Public School in Pali-Marwar Rajasthan, India. Created is a slide show with Feature of Dr. Yogendra Arya's photography:

* "Feature of Dr. Yogendra Arya"
* "The Lone Walking Tiger", taken in Rajasthan, India.
* "Waiting for the One", a lioness at Gir Forest, India.
* "Elements"; Ross and Smith Islands, Andaman.
* "Asiatic Lion", Gujarat, India.
* "The Road", Kala Patther Road, Havelock, India.
* Photography taken by Dr. Yogendra Arya for his poem, "I Breathe Easy"
* Profile image of Dr. Yogendra Arya.

Feature of Dr. Yogendra Arya
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