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Feature of Danny Best

A WINTERS TALE The elderly man laced up his worn old pair of highly polished brown leather figure skates, eager and excited to take at least one more casual spin around the adequately lit, thick frozen pond of his youth. Contently recalling so many of the special evenings he spent there with the one and only girl of his dreams. Speaking softly to her (as if she were right there with him still, right by his side) as he'd slowly push and slide each single freshly waxed blade correspondingly in turn, one right after the other across the well groomed ice, while remembering through whispers... © Danny Best ALL THOSE INNOCENT PROMISES MADE (Dreamer's Pond) yes... I still remember Dreamers Pond
and all those January nights that went on and on

I remember stirring cocoa with red licorice and
cinnamon stick spice
and our wispy floating silhouettes on the
blade etched blue-green ice

full moons that peered up and over those
tall reaching pines
the giddy notions of love
that played and danced in our minds

faded lights from the boathouse and
fluffy fresh fallen snow
those thick wintergreen bushes
where the little red hollies grow you're favorite cotton dress
all C h r i s t m a s colored-up in p l a i d
the Snow Angels that we made and
all the spills and thrills we had

the dark of the night that hid us
and all the games that we had played

and yes...

I really do remember all those
innocent promises made

© Danny Best Danny Best (Sandman the Dreamer), hailing from Mount Dora, Florida, is a retired Professional Cook and Truck Driver (5-state area) and is currently working on creating an entirely new career for himself as a Poet/Writer and Actor (having portrayed an auto shop owner/mechanic in the short film, "Your Carriage Awaits" and is slated to portray the character of Randall Sutto in the upcoming production of the "Cracked Mirrors" Episode/s).

Danny considers poetry a great opportunity to communicate and connect with all kindred souls/spirits in a more personal manner to share some good old practical food for thought while also encouraging readers to journey beyond their own comfort zones and explore other subject matter, thoughts and things.

In his words: "I usually write from various memories of my own life lessons and experiences, and what dream remnants I may glean from amongst the disheveled peaks and valleys of my somewhat threadbare cotton pillow cases."

Feature of Danny Best
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