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Encourage Others

Encouragement is a virtue divine
With your words, you can make people shine
Encouragement can help someone spring up and bloom
They may be spending their days in gloom.

It is an act of kindness which you may not know
Few words of encouragement lets love flow
Make people happy wherever you go
Encouraging others makes your spirit glow.

No one is ever too busy to support with a few words
You can give wings and let people fly like birds
We already have too many critics
Why not lend your words and become artistic?

Encouraging others also speaks a lot about you
In the process, you become humble and get encouraged, too.
Encourage and become a rainbow in someone's life,
You never know how they might be undergoing strife.

Be open and start encouraging
It is infectious so start transmitting.
By encouraging you can become someone's inspiration
Your words are treasures, use them for motivation.

© Priyalakshmi Gogoi
Assam, India

Encourage Others
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