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Diver in the Sea of Melody

Set sail from the shore of safety
trample sand
like dazzling gold pebbles
I get along with the waves for miles
to enjoy harmony and my soul,
the moon of time
Dive into the sea of melody
Hymns, hymns, shatha melodies
in vocal tones
to sing with whales and mermaids
deep in the seas symphony of dreams
Oh, my love, since a long time
you have been marine
You are from me, no words afterwards
O, people of sparring
wish you the best whisper
and the finest words
Brave girl, I will run
your universes to discover
wonders of Rahman
in character and good spirit
The light of the heart and conscience,
I will dress you in jewelry
and the most beautiful precious stones
in all colors
pure gold pearls
like emerald and coral
I give you dreams
roses and silk will cover eternity
to elevate the mind
I perfume you with flowers and anemone sheets
and so is the elderberry. It is one of the rarest
Everywhere the hearts and universe blooms
What love and disgust in the world of safety
I will build you a palace of hopes
in the middle of the sea
It is my silver sky on earth
dive the brave
The knight reaches the caves
The waves crash
The rocks are all decorated with coral
Where do you see the princesses in a wedding scene
waiting in Badr Al-Zaman to throw parties with the finest brave
from the knights dance according to the artist's song
above the strings of the heart for love
to harmonize the lover
to tremble the heart,
the end of the two
expressing nostalgia, what bliss
and it's like we're the bath in a top
Dear Angels
in white we appeal to the Most Merciful
to achieve peace
in waking and dreams
in the horizons where you meet, aligned
and the souls agree in the land of weddings.

© Mohamed Kerkoub

Diver in the Sea of Melody
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