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Deepak Kumar Dey

MY KINGDOM Being dethroned bereft emperor bursts tear,
Being denounced the ruler is made to cry.
But of losing or gaining I am not a pauper
For having nothing I'll be confounded, why?

My stately empire is from earth to afar sky -
From farther to farthest to endless horizon;
Borderless and infinitely vast there's no lie
From seas to oceans under this very sun.

When I seek azure sky showers velvety hue,
Moon, the stars from distant galaxies shine;
Passionate earth gives away vision of blue
Embarks drizzling rain, dew drops, divine wine.

As I recollect memories of childhood days:
Innocent smile of rustic lips springs over,
New born buds take wings in morning rays,
Silently writes red-letter the modest creeper.

I amaze gazing at mesmerizing beautifulness;
Sole diligence of womanhood on flying wings -
Makes divine existence eulogize and witness
Bird from nests join in chorus in fullest swing.

Lover of colors, an artist keeps himself invigorating
To speak through scripture and wonders of dew
About unknown to known from summer to spring
To accelerate voice of love - peace for human plateau.

Open is my empire from core of heart to heart
From deep mindfulness to unseen absoluteness
Where hearts could hear souls in silenced cast
Drops of beginning wraps with greatest solace.

Smile brings sunrise, twilight sets in tender passion
Serenaded woods sanguine tune, thriving sunflower,
Impact of openness applauds rose's candid companion
In silence attention of hearts can hear each other.

Sway of mustard field transforms glimpse of melodies
Unspoken word dreams of rendezvous autumn
Thread of love wraps all around beyond boundaries
From atom to atom, seven colors spectrum.

© Deepak Kumar Dey

Deepak Kumar Dey
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