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Deep Anguish

I'm most wholeheartedly sure this poem will resonate with many. It is a thoughtful articulation quite relatable to the heartbroken, crushed soul. DEEP ANGUISH Incomprehensible anguish deep in her heart,
Rendered her sometimes sane, insane,
Not because the cut was deep
But the cut given by one near to heart,
Healed, un-healed many a time.
God knows what ailed them?
Brushed they her off as she had gone,
Gazed she keenly, the ways and lanes,
Taketh her their beautiful abode,
Alas! Time ravished every now and then.
Weighed they all in glittering way,
Folk of their own a paltry thing,
Lost they all, in ignorant bliss,
With a deep incomprehensible anguish!!!

© Sakeena Jabeen

Deep Anguish
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