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Dark Horse

Written by Dr. Zainul Husain

Dr. Husain's poem was one of the 16 Biweekly Picks from poems chosen on September 17, 2021.

I am the dark horse
The world misjudged
They cursed my frame
They called me a bad name
None of them could read
My unmatchable strength and airy speed.
I needed a chance,
A new dawn
I needed caring hands
And an encouraging heart
A master who was well versed
In mentoring art.
The people who owned me with pride
Didn't deserve
Even to hold my bridle
They gave me only whips
In return of my loyalty
And true love.
I bled, I sighed
Those hypocrites always lied
The tulip of my talents could not bloom
It remained buried unknown
That dawn of my dreams died in pain
With a Herculean body and Aristotelian brain.

© 09/2021

Dark Horse
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