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On January 27th, we offered a challenge to write in the Brady's Touch form and applying our 'Word of the Week', which was Acquiesce. A Brady's Touch poem consists of Two Cinquains (5-line stanzas), with both stanzas having syllabic lines of 9/9/8/8/2 as well a rhyme scheme of: abxcd and abxcd, where 'x' is unrhymed. We chose 5 poets as our Best Entries and announced it on March 13th, so without further ado, grab your favorite beverage, take a load off your feet and enjoy the inklings of these 5 remarkable poets! On a journey hand in hand we ride
While eyes, mind focus on home that bind
We witness the sights and sounds rare
Let not erring desires surmount
With courage on a journey we stride
Varied scenes along the way we find
In acquiesce, ideals profound
Wisdom earned in endless amount

© Feliz Ruiz Summer season is on dreary drought
Acquiesce for the raindrops to fall
Flowers weary heart cannot bloom
Chanting the rain with joy not tears
To grow
Acquiesce the thirst yearning to sought
Healed the pain, seed the love to live tall
With peacefulness the heart tranquil
Hot summer scorch the heart with fears
To show

© Concepcion Macuto LOST IN SPACE

I acquiesce kindness and forget.
To the person who tried to trespass.
To my peaceful life and my heart.
To my world that is full of love.
Be free!
I lost in space and was in regret.
I just let it slide and let it pass.
Even I am hurt by your lies
I choose to love more than above.
I'm free.

© Rosie B. Licudo CHILDREN

Children are one of life's profound gifts
Providing joy when times are not right
Giving us light moments to share,
To their fun ways, we acquiesce,
and seized
Their loving and fun ways give us lift,
Forget our worries, make us feel light
Timely reminding of God's love,
That many things can give us peace,
we missed!

© Joey V. Fernandez Life Unfolding

With all the things unfolding in life
Do not resist nor struggle that much
We must acquiesce what God gives
Whatever burdens on our souls
He lifts.
In life, we are so muddled with strife
Baffling to cope with problems we touch.
Surrender to Almighty God
However difficult it tolls
He bids.

© Mildred Par

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