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The quest for knowledge wizardry
Like a madman gathering dirts
Poet bookends anything readable for wisdom.
A Factotum in the ocean flowing with books
Paddling a canoe of knowledge with a pen as a raconteur.

A poet, with a brain as a bookbinder
Scribble scrabbling precepts,
messages to exorcise humanity.
Poets are book crafts, bookers of philosophy
painting people's hearts with words
Colorfully shaping their ideologies
To profit their lives with knowledge.

Like the river, flows to flood everything at its banks
A poet, turned a biblioklept of purpose,
amassing anything readable
To build his tower of knowledge bookishly
An Antiquary, excavating to exhume wisdom
Buried in the cranium of earth by ancient philosophers
As history begets today to prepare tomorrow.

I am a bookworm, bookmarking ideologies
Sealed within folded covers of knowledge treasure.
Burn of the oceanic kegs of scriveners' punditry
Making my pen to yodel ululation
Eulogizing the beauty of their artistry alacrity.

Like Ralph Ellison made a writer
By Richard Wright and his artistry works
I'm born a Bibliophile by Shakespeareans and Soyinkas.

Every poet is a bibliophile, treasuring books
Genuinely interested in reading, to uncover knowledge
Imbedded instructionally books, a philosophical guide
To all that treasure it as building blocks of humanity.
Knowledge is light and power sealed in books
We must embrace books as bookworms
To enlighten and protect the human society.

At the book dining, poets all eat books as pantophagists of wisdom
Kept in shelves in the order of relativity
The best students spend their resourceful time in the book bank
Making the library their Haven and asylum to rest
their boredom and fatigue
For knowledge gaining as bibliophiles at the canteen of books - -the library.

© Ikwulono Mohammed Senison

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