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An Untitled, Yet Beautiful Poem.

This particular poem was chosen as a "Best Entry" in a June offering. The skies in a lush parting
of tempest rain unto soil,
overfilling the cup of floral buds to the brim.

The birds in silent refuge,
The tree bereft of birdsong,
The splendor and shine
of the silver flakes.

Spread with earth's lavish lavender and gold,
splattered with munificent blessings.

An ocean of love,
Hearts in a deep quench
with burst of euphoria.

Sweet as nectar and droplets of fresh honey
Oh, the blessings that come with rain...

The soul-kiss between
Earth and skies,
resounding with the
patter of joyous purity.

Aah, the joys of the crystal clear
trickling waters...
Soothing the soul
as it continues to
gloriously cascade.

© Sakina S. Dossaji

An Untitled, Yet Beautiful Poem.
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