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Today, the sky was on fire,
the sky was on fire till the
clouds doused the flames
but the embers simmer

with freedom's song in
its entrails, humming
red blood lava fed by
centuries of oppression.

The clouds rain. The
downpour ends. Embers
turn aflame the borders
tamed by subservience.

Fires of freedom rebel,
burning the bonds of hate.
Humanity will find its heart
and spine, line with love

a new world, a new phase
in the history of mankind.
Soaring, a new Icarus will
fly to redefine old myths.
© Mitali Chakravarty 11/21
Mitali Chakravarty writes for love and harmony and in that spirit, has founded the Borderless Journal ( ). Her writing has appeared in The Times of India, The Statesman, The Hindustan Times,
The Pioneer, The Daily Star and many more journals. Her poetry, prose and translations have been published online and as part of numerous hardcopy anthologies. She has published a humorous book of essays on living in China where she spent eight years. In the Land of Dragons, which has been updated and serialized in a journal on a weekly basis.

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