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A Woman's Fragment of Thought:

Her Own Abstracted Perception of Inner Feelings It's not just a simple, subtle hello every now and again, of small talk or weird smiles or even times of flirtation and infatuation. A woman is made to be adventurous, to go on spontaneous road trips (when not busy working), together with the one she loves or especially her friends, for late night ice cream or ice cream sodas (like the time 8 of us went out for something cold and sweet on a late, late summer night), just to smile, laugh and be goofy.

She looks at the stars and sunshine and sees even more in him, sort of like an "afterglow", a luminescence that perhaps no one else sees except for maybe her female friends. She is made for passionate whispers in her ears, in a dimly-lit room, sitting closely together, watching a movie or a comedy where laughter is heard hysterically or even watching something she cares not to watch, but knows he does.

She longs for the long walks along the shoreline or beach, collecting seashells and sea glass or rocks she can paint. She yearns for long conversations that will last from sunrise to sunset. She cherishes silence at times, the tranquil moments, comforting her heart and his, and nature's music that stirs and soothes the soul. She was created to fall in love, be in love and love you.


Your passage is a true testament to the spirit of womanhood, which captures the essence of love, friendship and the simple joys that make life worth living. The imagery and emotions you express resonate deeply, which evokes a sense of adventure, warmth and a profound appreciation for life's precious moments.

In your words, you portray a woman who embraces spontaneity, who finds joy in late-night adventures with loved ones and friends. The mention of the "afterglow" and the luminescence seen in the one you love reveals your unique perception and the strong ties you share with your female companions. Your longing for intimate moments, shared laughter and sensible conversations reflects the depth of your desires and the value you place on joyful connections with your surroundings. As Annette Nasser (ILA Magazine Editor) once eloquently expressed in one of her poems, you have embodied both the qualities of a gentle, soft-spoken woman and a fierce warrior, an oracle of sacred femininity reciting poetry (2020).

The incorporation of nature's imagery, such as walks along the shoreline and collecting treasures, adds a serene touch and showcases your deep appreciation for the beauty that surrounds you. Your poem beautifully conveys a woman's capacity for love, her yearning to be loved, and her innate ability to forge meaningful bonds with those in her life.

Contributing Editor, ILA Magazine A comprehensive description and depiction of a woman, the sweetest and the most candid phenomenon on earth.
Moon never faces a glamorous damsel and hides in the clouds. Without women, we're dark and incomplete.

The beauty, taste and fragrance of this life is only because of women. If I write on women, seas of ink will dry out and volumes of books will be still incomplete. I SALUTE TO LOYAL, SINCERE, CARING and STRONG WOMEN.

To me, a woman is the essence and peak of lovely life. I love women and will love lifetimes and decent ways that keep her stature lofty and shining. © REVIEWED by GUL BAKHTI

A Woman's Fragment of Thought:
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