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A Very Special Feature

THREE BUTTERFLIES The art ILA is featuring here, was chosen as a "BEST ENTRY" in "VISUAL ARTS" category from the Anything Friday offering held on July 15th, 2022. Along with the art, this multi-talented artist and writer, has given a brief history and description of what inspired him to write the poem, which he has given permission to post. It was published in his first book of poetry titled: "Verses from My Heart." Information of the author's book, we will feature at closure. The "THREE BUTTERFLIES" was inspired by a true story of a close friend in Vancouver, Canada, who had just suffered great losses from the passing of three beloved people in her life: her mother, father and husband, in a span of less than a year. She had requested a poem in honor of her dead loved ones, to appease her longing and deep sadness brought about by the incident. I'm just honored she gave me the trust to compose poetry with matching painting for her to gaze upon and cherish. It's a very nice feeling as an artist when you hear someone saying "I always smile seeing the painting and reading the poem many times as I feel the three butterflies in my life are always watching me and keeping me safe." THREE BUTTERFLIES
(Poem dedicated to dear friend, Lany Grace M. Hernandez)
(A tribute to her husband, her Mom and her Dad)

One Saturday morning in a busy park,
the sun was beaming with so much pride,
You're walking down a path full of spark,
leading to a playground with many toddlers' rides.

In solitude you were feeling lost and down,
pondering solely while staring on the ground,
As many children were playing around,
You were on a verge of a total breakdown.

You were feeling sad and all alone,
watching the hues of flowers on your own,
Tiny birds humming their mellow tune,
Others sipping nectars as they swoon.

Three butterflies appeared just so sudden,
and all of them had come out of nowhere,
Tears began flowing down on your cheeks,
like the water current in an obscure creek.

When sobbing along with your unbearable stress,
A green butterfly gently perched on your chest,
Your mother didn't leave you and I'm sure I guess,
She's just watching her sweetie and wish her the best.

It was at this instance you already knew,
Loving mother was there consoling you.
You need not be alone nor feel the blues,
Mother's warm embrace was enough yet true.

The green butterfly had wandered in oblivion,
Returned back later with a handsome companion,
The yellow butterfly showed her so much affection,
Your Mom and Dad were back in a heavenly union..

Without mincing a word, the red butterfly flew away,
Flapping its wings in the direction of the sun rays.
Wishing for tomorrows will bring you more joyful days,
That the glow on your face will forever gonna stay.

In heaven, there's hubby with smiles ear to ear,
seeing his beloved wifey slowly erasing her fear.
And be ready to smile again without wiping here tears,
To live life happily with her true friends and peers.

© Poetry/Painting by Robert Celles
June 25, 2022 More information on Robert Celles book can be found on Facebook with various Amazon (link) locations.

A Very Special Feature
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