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A Trio of Poems


The light that shines within you
they have muted and made dim.
Separated from your source,
you're coursed a freeway of sin.

Your aura and essence
self-obsessive to the end.
The lost flock of sheep
without a shepherd to tend.

In the vanity of pride,
standing in lines at the store,
to buy beauty products
to ingest in skin pores.

Household cleaners,
dishwasher and laundry detergents,
and no one is none the wiser
until side effects commence emerging.

Commercial products
designed to catch a kid's eye
to sell you a wholesome breakfast
but, the whole thing is a lie.

Boiling beverages
poured into bottles that are plastic
releasing toxic chemicals
that will lead you to a casket.

And, to all the lovers
of fresh fruits and vegetables,
with man-made preservatives
sprayed with chemicals.

Unless you grow your food
and know where it comes from,
they will sell you a synthetic
cashing in on that you're dumb.

Cast in a direction
elites have set us in,
there are more side effects than cures
from prescription medicine.

Unseen immediately,
they love to kill you softly.
Repeatedly, they feed you
spoonfuls of toxins constantly.

They keep you in a room
with T.V. and phones in waiting stations
while they poison the mind and body
and souls of the next generations.

They will sell you
on a road that goes to hell
and, because of its convenience,
you'll grab it off the shelves.

Note to self.

Un-sheath your pen
and write unbound with sovereignty.
Now, the hours have revolved to seconds.
Fading into cells is freedom's ring;
Protracted is the disappearing sound to
liberation with its echoes reverberation
deafened at the cusp of governed persecutions.

Un-sheath your pen
and write while the words are still defined
by the roots of centuries certified by definition.
In waning and folding, the new changes the old;
the tongue of linguists and sights of literary hand
vanish, for once open doors have locked and closed.

Un-sheath your pen
as a lance and pike, for the sword is the word
expressed in utterances sharpened by the spirit.
Let spelling spill to papyrus by the feathers tip of quill.
Blood-stained breath proclaims all in repudiation.

Un-sheath your pen
in warrants of war against the calamity of vanishings
of ancient texts and the dressings of culture with
vibrant, brilliant colors of hues, pigments, and tints,
camouflaged in vases of vision and vocabulary.
It is said and then written and then written to be said.
Write before the ink is smeared and no more.

Un-sheath your pen
early to the suns presentation of day.
For, the dreary night blackened by darkness
is approaching to blind the readied eye from
reading the passing verse that shines in
the light of love for all to decipher.
Un-sheath your pen before the deadline
of censorship and silence.


This raps got known words
that come from proverbs,
to let you know the words
ya heard are pure verse.
This raps got known words
that come from proverbs,
So know the measurements
of a just life served.

Don't envy evil people
It's their hearts that plot violence
their words' || stir up things,
and also serve you silence.
Not all seeds sewn
grow fruit fully ripened.
A house built by wisdom is
strong through good guidance,
It understands the riches
its known to hold inside it,
and it falls in on itself
if its divided.
The fixes from within come
in love by way of trying.
and everything given or received
is by his Highness.
And if it rains on the wicked,
- It rains on the righteous.
After all, hearing's a gift,
just like sight is.
My faiths blinded,
thank God - it's not science.
I rely on God like
you rely on kitchen appliances.
In Yeshua's name I'm edifying -
and if I discipline my kid with a rod
- he's not dying.? -
- man, I'm not lying, -
- parents start trying. -
or be ashamed by a wild child
styled by defying.
The lights in the shining -
...defined in the writing
of His designing; and put ya
back to a sinner who's enticing.
No coincidence -
its God's will coinciding.
A Proverb in mouth of fool's
- a leg paralyzing.
Don't fear the Lord? Its
wisdom and discipline you despise.
How long will simpletons
be simpleminded?
Store'n His commandments in ya heart -
life satisfying.
He corrects like a father to child
whom He delights in.

This raps got known words
that come from proverbs,
to let you know the words
ya heard are pure verse.
this raps got known words
that come from proverbs,
So know the measurements
of a just life served.


A Trio of Poems
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