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A Tapestry of Poems and Art

This most gifted poetess from Romania, writes in a sublime and succinct manner, yet, her poetry speaks volumes on subjects or topics that matter, whether it is an emotion, circumstances, global affairs or the everyday philosophies of life, she touches on points of awareness and wholeheartedly addresses that which should be perceived and acknowledged. NORMAL

Are we normal
or abnormal
in this world?
Are we sick
if we are normal
wishing just to be ourselves?
It is so difficult not to be cut in pieces
and made as a new model...

© Bogdana Gageanu


My memory is empty
of all the memories I stocked
During all these years
so that I can have a new beginning.
I am my own machine
who can delete
or add something.
I am empty so I can breathe.

© Bogdana Gageanu


Fly, papers, fly!
Don't be addicted to business
Don't be attached with this!
Just fly and find freedom
and find creativity!
Don't let yourself be filled
with numbers and plans!
Fill yourself with something beautiful!
Find beautiful people
and be kites for their beauty!
Don't be addicted to bad news
and horrible stories!
Let a heart write about another heart
and about small tiny hearts that will be born.
Fly, papers, fly!
For me, it is too late to escape!

© Bogdana Gageanu

Give help with no name
Don't remember somebody
It was you who helped.
The branches of a tree give fruits
also, because of the roots
but the roots don't claim their help.
They are just happy with the result.
Help should be hidden
Recognition will come anyway
Don't use your pride in help!

© Bogdana Gageanu


All my life
To defend me
Sedulous hard work
A blurred mirror
Masked people

© Bogdana Gageanu


She was told she had no parents
that she was adopted
but her heart had questions.
She wanted to know the truth
to search her real parents.
The questions were like stones
very, very heavy.
Questions needed answers.

© Bogdana Gageanu


Build your stairs
Any time somebody
Makes you feel down.
Build your stairs
Even if you are the only architect
And nobody helps you.
Finally, you will climb
The roof of success.

© Bogdana Gageanu

I have a secret pocket
Where I gather strength
For the bad times.
I gather energy and harmony
As my own medicine.
I remember myself to donate
To me, too, this strength resource
Because usually, I forget my own person.

© Bogdana Gageanu


You probably think I am insane
because I see you are only shadows
and no light to see.
You are walking shadows
that are haunting
and never finding their peace.
You are haunting me
but I am not afraid
because I found my peace.
I found my solitude
but you can not stand it.
You feed yourselves
with the tears of others
and you came for a new victim
but I am not afraid of you.
I am already seen as insane
and lucky me, insane people
have their own Heaven.
You are afraid of me
because I can read you inside.

© Bogdana Gageanu

Photography below taken by the poetess, can be viewed in a slideshow. Her photography was selected from a weekly offering on ILA Magazine's Facebook Group frequently presents on Fridays. Her last photograph, "The Water Lion", was randomly was chosen as Best Visual Artist of the Week, recently.
Bogdana Gageanu is a poetess and a playwright. She has been published in anthologies and magazines. Her playwrights have been heard on different radio stations. She has received many international accolades. She loves to inspire others and she has had many interviews with online poets. She is the published author of a book of poems titled, "My Soul Pyramid."

A Tapestry of Poems and Art
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