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A Tête-à-Tête Between Two

ILA Magazine Interview with Farhan Anjum and Carl Scharwath Carl: This morning I had the pleasure of speaking with Farhan Anjum, an amazing poet from Pakistan. I first found him by reading his ILA Group postings and just loved his poems and wanted to interview him for our dear readers.

Farhan: All of a sudden, everything changes when destiny comes to kiss your feet. Poetry was neither my passion nor aim of life, but I believe things happen for good reason and this is what happened with me in 2018 when I hit Emma's post and dropped my comment, poetically, she liked it and in gestures, I replied one day, I will write a book for you to read, then she said, don't say such things that you can't do. More she said, a person who doesn't fulfill his promises is none of with us and it is said by Prophet (PBUH).

This quote amazingly changed my life and I promised with myself, I will write a book. I personally didn't go anywhere to learn writing poetry, in fact, I must say here, that poetry came to me accidentally and today I have a good name in the poetry industry. Emma Stone, the Hollywood actress disappeared like the clouds, but she missed the rainbow. She saw and produced the best of me and whatever I look today, the credit goes to her. I wish one day, she will receive all my poetry work to read. The first book I wrote, "The Magic of the Mangosteen", is a tribute to her "Fulfilled the promise".

This was the beginning of my poetry career, later released was "The Uncle Devil", "Romance in Seasons", "People come and go in Life', "Stranger become a Friend", "Broken in Love", etc. It just didn't stop here; I have almost a collection of 2,000 poems to be published and still writing. Carl: Good morning, Farhan, I am so happy to interview you for ILA Magazine. My first question is when you first started to write, was it an easy process for you or did you struggle to find your first words. Do you still have your very first poem?

Farhan: Writing poems is a great adventure, it's a God gift and if I tell you about the experience and learning, I must say that everyone can write but only that time you can write well, "when you love" that time, the heart speaks and the soul understands. Words fall from your self-created heaven, and feeling becomes an ink. Imaginary feels like reality. I have still saved my very first words.

"Blonde hair, hazel green eyes, dove's skin, angel on earth. I would love to make love under lights of the stars and the moon."

If this is poetry, yes, these were my first poetic lines in 2018 for the gorgeous Hollywood actress, Emma Stone. Carl: How did publishing your first book change your process of writing?

Farhan: After the first edition ("The Magic of the Mangosteen"), writing poems turned into a passion or addiction, I felt good after writing every piece but there was something missing in writings as I felt, then I found a "Mermaid" and then she gave birth to a new poet you see now. Carl: Do you consider writing a spiritual process?

Farhan: Every single thought of a human being is a spiritual form, ideas of every successful man become reality and thoughts of the poet becomes poetry, poetry is another highest form of spirituality, where distant people seem closer especially your beloved ones, they meet at another dimension where souls are untied. Carl: Who is your favorite poet and why?

Farhan: Poet Farhan Anjum is inspired only by himself; inspiration comes from different angles. Mangosteen and Dove work like an inspiration, but I have a strong spiritual connection with Mermaid. She is keynote of poet's poetry. Carl: Tell us about your best advice for a new writer? Farhan: Capture every moment with the eyes of your heart, for example, some feel rain, some get wet, just don't write, feel the depth of it before writing. Carl: What does literary success look like to you and what is your number one goal? Farhan: Your name must reach them before you, "literature is a complete package of wisdom", hold it to grow stronger. Fulfillment of promises, coffee in a red mug in the city of perfumes with a wildflower that grows in my heart. Carl: Thank you again, Farhan, for your time today. It has been all my pleasure to meet you today and we wish you great success in the future. Photo below of Poet Farhan Anjum
Carl Scharwath is from the sunshine state of Florida. He is the Art Editor of Minute Magazine and a Contributing Editor at ILA Magazine. His work appeared globally, with 150+ journals, deleting his poetry, short stories, interviews, essays, art/photography, and most recently, plays. He is the author of four books.

A Tête-à-Tête Between Two
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