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A Moment of Monorhymes


Farewell to the murmuring stream
Flowing away lives in cordial team
Set like sun to somewhere with their seam
Left their images into days dream
Stands like a memory to shed them beam
Rising to the sky wound steam
Stays hearts of mourners like past gleam


I'm a cordial man with a beautiful sight,
I know this is just not right
But no, I will never fight
It's hard for me to write.

How can I turn on the light
It looks like the naughty night
But where is the noble knight
Oh, I need help tonight.

Oh God, lend me your light
Give me strength to write.

© King Drey Phemy "LOST DECEMBER" It's been a year since we have this deafening silence.
All this time, all I want is your musical presence.
My heart is screaming to death because of your absence.
The cold wind touching my skin, its coldness is so dense.
Contrary to what I feel inside, my love is condense.
The beating of my heart, its vibration is intense.
Only you can make this heartbeat have a sense.
If ever, this season has the hopeless essence
And the snowy scenery shows no more magnificence.
Still, there is a cordial spring that will make a difference,
Sprouting the leaves of hope retaining its innocence,
Bringing our lost December regain the love that's immense.

© Jeffrey Cejero "UNTITLED" On his cordial love I fell
Someone I fought to dwell
Miserable life like hell
I admitted my fault, forget and nothing to tell...

Now I am brave to spell
His name and say a farewell
No more promises and sounds of bell
Just make myself happy and well.

© Veronica Roma Pingol "IN THE HOLY PLACE"
(Dedicated to my late maternal grandmother whose birthday was on December 26th)

The cordial atmosphere of this place
Reminds me of the Holy Father's grace.
With teary eyes I listen to the hymn of praise,
Grandma gently brushes the tears from my face.

© Gheorghe Laura "A HOPE FOR A NEW YEAR" (Monorhymed Strophe) In this special period of the year,
We yearn for a time of no fear,
We draw much hope in our hearts, dear!
We just hope for a be'er life here. © Walid Boureghda

A Moment of Monorhymes
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