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© By Andree Malenoir

The poet's poem was chosen among eight poems out of 24 entries in ILA Magazine's 'Heart Challenge' offered last week: "Your heart has just scheduled a meeting with you. What's on your heart's agenda that needs to be discussed." Poets were required to write a poem as if in deep conversation with their heart, and also required to apply at least one of the vocabulary words (from a previous post), inserted into their poem. we are...together
You've summoned me today
A tintinnabulation
I I obey!

I'd rather not be present
I've better things to do
But I cannot refuse you
So, here I am...on cue!

So what's on the agenda?
Have I done something wrong?
Do you need to reprove me
Am I not where I belong?

So now I am awaiting
To hear what you must say
Please deal with me directly
Then I'll be on my way

Your words are harsh, but truthful
I'm not where I should be
I gave you to another
And I'm no longer free

I should have chosen better
I know how much you ache
Please loosen this attachment
And save 'us' from heartbreak!

Image of Andree's poem is included the slideshow. To
view the full image, just a click on it, will do.

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