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A Daisy Chain Quartet

Recently, we offered a 'Daisy Chain' prompt challenge and out of the 24 entries, we chose 4 poets so we are presenting all four in this feature. "TOO MUCH OF ANYTHING IS BAD"

Bad verbose speakers are just show-offs
Show-offs who would often confuse
Confuse listeners to conceal flaws
Flaws that vagary could just expose
Expose his doleful lack of depth
Depth that a good speech needs
Needs to understand and see
See how pithy speakers express more
More than those using too many words
Words mixed like any salad
Salad of words spiced too much
Much, too much of anything is bad.


Listening to the long speech, so verbose
verbose, but full of nuggets of wisdom
wisdom from the school's top leader
leader in performance and inspiration
inspiration from her became my guidance
guidance in my work and spiritual life
Life is sometimes tinged with vagaries
vagaries that made me almost doleful
Doleful feelings that I can't explain
explain clearly for my experience is pithy
Pithy because we seldom meet each other
Other occasions are sometimes seldom.
Seldom for I am assigned to a different work.
Work had a break, but it was worth listening.

© Dolores Lapinid "LETTER TO MY FORMER SELF"

Dear former self, to you I am writing this pithy letter,
Letter to make things clear, so you can feel witty better.
Better than the regrets of the past, I wish you could forget,
Forget, but learn from 'em and never repeat,
Repeat them not, growing up you were full of confusion.
Confusion in the wide world of dreams that felt like an illusion.

Illusion crept in, you stumbled and fell, but rose from the dust,
Dust the dirty off and learn through the pain, for life is a must.
Must you in each day be faced with battles, you thought you'd lose,
Lose your tattle, but never give up, a vagary path you should choose.

Choose to keep moving forward, and face your fears,
Fears of the unknown and walk through all the struggles you've shed many tears.
Tears like mighty oceans, so now I say to you, let's not lose hope,
Hope instead of doubt, let's grab onto the end of the healing rope.

Rope of faith and climb up high, toward our dreams so bright,
Bright like night stars, for you're strong, and you'll always fight.
Fight dear former self, I wish you can hear my verbose words,
Words to impart some wisdoms and know that you aren't just some birds.
Birds that can soar high and reach for the bright, shining sky.
Sky that is clothed in blue, and never look back but say goodbye.

Goodbye to you, my dear former self, I write to look back and see the mistakes.
Mistakes were made, but from them, thousand of lessons I take.
Take not my doleful expression for granted, but come close and listen.
Listen to my words of admonition and gain insights my dear.

© Olusegun Ajayi "The Pioneer Poet"

Complaisantly spoken words can warm hearts,
Hearts of stone know how to be serene,
Serene ones nonetheless grow more pithy
Pithy even amidst verbose flattery,
Flattery disturbs not the doleful souls though,
Though, it may strike the gullible, the credulous.

Credulous at one point, aren't we who have learned to be smart?
Smart to know the vagary of the weather and translation,
Translation that loses the potency of words,
Words that warm become words that culturally confuse,
Confuse even semantics on the road of the tyro,
Tyro in spirit, indeed, listen to the tones and sounds spoken conplaisantly.

© Loreta C. Bande

A Daisy Chain Quartet
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