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"The Darkness of Night"

Written by D. A. Simpson

The darkness of night
encroached upon the kingdom
Cloaked in indigo
It crept across the skies
From far in the western heavens
pursued by a retinue of deep blue
Which clung to its hem.

Like pages of a book
slowly it turned at the hest of
an unseen hand
Its mysteries to reveal
and the tale of midnight began to

While in the east
A lone star gleamed bright white
'gainst the fading echo of daylight
as it sank to'ard the horizon.

The dying light of day
shed a pale shroud of luminescent
as it yielded to the lullaby of slumber.

It drifted below the circle of the earth
into an unknown infinity
beyond the veil that shrouds this world.

"The Darkness of Night"
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