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"Hatred Love"

There is an admiration for the expressive courage and creativity displayed in the featured poems each poet took great strength to confront and articulate such strong and conflicting emotions, laying bare their innermost feelings, the power of poetry as a means of their catharsis and expression, their poems woven together, the threads of hatred love and the nuanced portrayal of emotion, evoking empathy and introspection in equal measure Specimen From Hell Specimen from hell
Killer of the moon flowers Slithering like a black cobra Hissing in tongues The voice was full of venom Don't stop, run, run, run Until you reach a safe moon. © Sheila Ann Malaysia
Heart of Contradiction In quiet moments, a storm brews within, Love's gentle caress, intertwined with the sting of hatred, An ocean of turmoil where feelings clash, But within your gaze, flickers fire and frost, In this turmoil, my heart discovers solace, In the chaos of hatred, love I roam. © Mohammed Arshad Amin Myanmar "Untitled" My love only knows what to hate For my beloved loves what I hate Yet I have to love For my beloved hates what I love Yet I have to hate Between this love hate gamble My love and hate married silently © Mushtaque B. Barq Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir How Could It Come??? Don't think that as usual? As you're the the whole earth my dear. But now the situation is totally unacceptable Hatred can't wait to spark. How could it come? Mind thinks abruptly as usual. Hopefully your unacceptable response and behavior Gradually killing the sweet fragrance of love. S. Afrose Bangladesh

"Hatred Love"
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