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Written by Arikewusola Abdul Awal

An inner strength
sitting still a mountain
on the heart of a man.

It motivates the child
to take the first step.

He was enrolled into a school.
Today, he was beaten
that day, he knows not his a, b, c’s.
His peers would jeer him
and he will feel dejected,
"I am going no more"
would be his only song,
and courage would say to him,
'He, who fears to take a leap,
won't reach his destination.'
Then, on the field of fortitude,
he'll run his race.

Now, a man he has become,
facing the fierce wrath of life,
as if he were a little lamb
wrestling with a lion.
He loves to reach the apex
and he mounted the glorious mountain.
He wishes to reach the horizon
and he trudged through, with his courage.
"My voice must be heard"
and he spoke out, with that courage.

The lion has been defeated,
he has reached the horizon.
Souls want to hear his sweet voice.
His courage to make a move
has made all the hills
as granites.

© 09/21

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