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"A Tug on the Heartstrings"

During the week of February 4th, poets were asked to write a 7-verse poem in rhyming couplet form for each of the seven days of the week. They were also asked to fill in the blank to complete the title: "A Week of_". The twist required, to write their chosen words from the title in non-rhyming Acrostic form.

For people not celebrating Valentine's Day, poets had the option to write in some way related to love, as in familial, friendship, universal, nature or passion for a cause. From our entries, ILA Magazine chose three lovely poetesses and their works of art. A WEEK OF "HAPPINESS" (Dedicated to my family) On MONDAY, we start the week flashing each other a sunny smile
Getting ready to enjoy life and go the extra mile On TUESDAY , after a hard day's work, we enjoy each other's company On a beautiful meadow outside the city, listening to nature's symphony On WEDNESDAY , love gives us the comfort we needed God's advice about togetherness is what we heeded On THURSDAY, we all have fun together as a family Adding the paintings of the memories we make into our gallery On FRIDAY, we are grateful to our mother for the motherly affection She gave us and to our father, for his fatherly attention. On SATURDAY, our parents happily reminisce of the day they became husband and wife And how they didn't let their relationship be torn apart by strife SUNDAY is the day of spending quality time together The feeling of joy that we all share is reflected in the lovely weather Heavenly music comes from the heart of the gentle souls, Affection is an important ingredient in a healthy relationship Positive thinking keeps the mind safe from negative emotions Paradise is the home of the close-knit family that respects itself Inner peace reigns over us while wisdom keeps the balance between mind and soul, Nature's songs bring tears into our eyes, penetrating deeper into our hearts Elated our parents were by the birth of my brother and I, Seeing eye to eye with each other takes thinking and courage Solace can be found in your family's warm hugs. © Gheorghe Laura Romania A WEEK OF "DEFERRED DREAM" Serendipity on a Monday We bumped in a crowded subway. Had dinner after work on Tuesday Forgot the passing time, we were so gay. Wednesday , he confessed feelings for me I said, we need to wait and see. But Thursday found me dreaming of him Chance of hiding my emotion was slim. Our Friday date climaxed in kisses and hugs Both of us were like addicts high on drugs. But Saturday brought a disagreement We failed to settle our argument. On Sunday , I nursed a deferred dream Of a love that melted as fast as ice cream. ** Dreams are illusions Ephemeral as shooting stars Flowers of the night Echoes of unsung songs Remains of unspoken thoughts River flooded with desires Extinguished embers of whims Debris of expectations Dying fires of ambitions Recurring through the years Ending in respite Absconded by sunlight Must live again somehow © Myrtle Eve Reyes Tejada Philippines A WEEK OF "EUPHORIA" When Sunday was the best For my legs to rest Monday came out of the blue Without any clue Tuesday didn't dampen my spirit As my energy was within a limit Wednesday somehow got me active Mirror applauding me as attractive Thursday became a friendly phase As the next day became my craze Friday was the day to dance and sing Where my soul was ready to swing Saturday became the boon of ecstasy For my heart to sing a melody. ** Excited to be in this moment with Unforgettable memories Painted with loving hues of a Heart with unconditional Ocean of emotions Reconciled with an Intense look from the Aroma in and of those beats! © Sonal Rao India

"A Tug on the Heartstrings"
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