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Wisdom of the Orient

Written by Sai Prakash

Brightest among the stars, The Orient shines even into the dawn at par With the emerging Sun from the Eastern horizons A restless beacon of light, illuminating the darkest paths, with her silvery trait.

Cosmic aura, celestial bliss, Encompassing each of her rays, Spread far and wide across the oceans Over the mountains emanating eternal light Radiating her warmth from the distant skies She showers love on tender leaves,

Tendrils try in vain to embrace

Elegance personified, guiding the trident to the birthplace Oh! Orient, how many more lines in an Ode can I write,

Not even forty lines can suffice

How else can I sing songs of praise, your verse metaphysical and celestial,

Deep thoughts of wisdom spread like seashells spread across the shores.

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