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Why We Do Not See Alike

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

(A Philosophical Apperception) Written by Lucky Stephen Onyah

Elevation of the body above the soul

Or the soul above the spirit essence

Our body houses our soul like a shell

Birth emotion, reason, imagination

The soul script our attitudinal traits

A by-product of our life's perception

Spirit essence are unseen influence

May illuminate or darken our reason May inflame or temper our emotion

The trio if aligned work in symmetry

If not brings about paranoia act/art

It's default until its balance is skewed

Our world view is hence forged thus

Spirit to soul and soul to body act/art

An open perception of what's ethereal

A top down or down top causations

Body to soul and soul to spirit essence

A closed perception of true spirituality

Within these framing lies all abstract

Without these are shades of concrete Differing block of our belief systems

Most fascinating is the idea of belief

Not many would compare or question Either out of fear or sheer negligence However, what makes us higher being

Is the ability to look inward or outward To contemplate, query life and purpose

Knowing why we don't see things alike Prevents all extremism, and its effects Instills within us human mildness, love

Nothing is colored black and/or white

Betwixt reason, emotion and imagination

Are variant shades and hues of humanity

While we seek correctness and certainty

It's pure wisdom to be polite in all things

For we judge others using our worldview


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