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When I'd See You Again

Written by Tom Kraft

So many times I traveled through The summer days to be with you, When Autumn mellowed on the hill And we could be again as one Beneath the cooler autumn sun, But warm enough to touch you still. How often did I pray to be The rushing wind to carry me Beyond and past the hands of time, To the day when I would touch Again the lips I"d missed so much - Two lovers cast in perfect rhyme. The hours would pass on weighted bells, Each day and night on summer swells, When sleep was more than I could bear, And longer...longer did it seem When you would knock on my front screen And I would rush to find you there. It was then, and I new at best, The long hot days had been laid to rest - - A time remembered not again Because we'd moved closer still To the day of our free will - - Two lovers cast on love's sweet wind. ~ For Her ~ © 10/2021

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