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Volcanic (Un)consciousness

Written by Kuma Raj Subedi Australia

Consciousness becomes a bane like a rat gnaws the head of the sane; layers of reminiscence when revisted hidden crevasse turns one dispirited. Deep demons irritate, scare making a winter leaf;

destination obscure as a Latin riddle unbearable anxiety fries in a life-griddle. Nausea and vomiting, volcanic eruptions distresses the tranquil lake, stream of consciousness undermines the present;

who'd walk future path, dreary and unpleasant? Emotional debris scatters each task not winnable on the ground; racing mind's storm let not go further celebrate the moment, rejoice its murther. Chambers of hippocampus airtight shut overpowering the depression. Reside not in the valley of despair keep ghosts at bay, refrain from scare.


Kuma Raj Subedi, MA/MTESL, is a lecturer and an Australian poet. His numerous poems have been published on various platforms: online and in print, such as Misty Mountain Review, Indian Review, Muse India, Aksharang, The Gorkha Times, Sahitya Post, Of Nepalese Clay, The Indian Periodical, nepalnamcha, Poetishes, The Offline Thinker, Setopati, The Rising Junkiri, The Writer's Cafe, etc. He often writes about issues such as women suffering, nature, migration, love and culture.

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