Tribute to Muhammad Ali

He had the insolence of the titans, the anger of the gods, the beauty of just rebellions and the strength of convictions. He elevated the rings to the rank of oratorical jousts, made every gong stroke a call to dignity. He did not fight his opponents, he overcame reductive mentalities, racism and stupidity. There are men who come into the world to change it. Muhammad Ali did better, he allowed the world to grow a little. He proved that the dream is stronger than the accomplished fact, that the narrowness of the mind cannot keep the truth captive for long, that is enough to believe in the light for the day to triumph over the night. He was simply a Man, a being of flesh and blood, similar to all men on earth, but a man who taught his fellow men to become men again. He lived as a hymn to freedom, he died as the suffering stops so that the legend is born. © Myriam Ghezaïl Ben Brahim

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