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The Rose and the Leaf

The rose said I am blooming Feeling a bit gloomy inside The leaf next to her said I won't leave you ever I was made for you And to be with you forever You are so beautiful my dear Rose I will protect you and give you The nourishment that you require I will stand by you In your thick and thin I am bonded to you For your needs and desires I fell in love with you Since you were Blooming From a bud to a rose You are so fragile That I love you From my heart to my soul I will protect you When the winds are strong And love you When on your petals the rain falls, And I shall be by your side When the sun is strong. I guess the Almighty Made you for me To cherish your feelings and beauty We will live As long as life is with us Dear Rose, for when your petals will shed I, the leaf, will subside and fall with you We were and are and will be together Till eternity and beyond. © Radhika Tytler

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