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The Bliss of Solitude

On April 6th, we presented poets with a Themed Prompt: "The Bliss of Solitude" and asked our poets what the theme meant to them, how did it make one feel and to write their poems in 16 lines or less. We received many beautiful entries yet, we chose five "Best Entries" to be featured here, on ILA Blog.


"In Silence"

Sometimes we are faced with many trials and tribulations We asked ourselves what to do If we are believers in God HE always says Turn to HIM

HE is everywhere How to turn to HIM We ask ourselves Just be still in where you are In silence just talk to HIM Pour out your problems After a while you will feel Inner peace in yourself As HE has taken over. © David Soh Singapore


"Bliss of Solitude"

A moment of escape! Hibernation! Into the wild; a rejuvenation! Beneath the dusk of contemplation, Behold the birds of innovation. Returning to their gemutlich nest, Kissing thru' the ochre breast Of the sky; swaying o'er in zest, They bask within the clouds at rest. Far and wide the open seas, Ruffled by the gushing breeze, Their panorama creates memories, Drenched in rains of the easterlies. Perched on wings of subtle time, The sun goes down as a mundane rhyme, Flapping birds as a sonorous chime, Makes me savor the dusk sublime. Celebrating the dusk of solitude, Beyond the human multitude, Another world of pulchritude, Reigns the gossamers of longitudes. Faded ranges of ebony peaks, A falcon o'er them flaps and squeaks. Molten hazel on her crimson cheeks, Makes her blush for umpteen weeks. She is a damsel down the lane, She bides beneath the hilly terrain. Her eyes hold agony and disdain, But I want her sublime smile again. And onto the turquoise waves agleam, Molten hazel weaves a dream. Swaying raptors in scarlet beams, Rouse in me few fancy whims. A frothy damozel dwells in me, Waltzing in a delightful spree. Few moments miming a reverie, Amid the solitary dusk of glee. © Dipanjan Bhattacharjee India


"One is Not a Lonely Number" I have been often asked, "are you lonely?" Being alone makes me enjoy my life I can do what I like and I find this lovely. I am free without fighting against any strife. Some people think that I live like a monk I enjoy my solitude with a blissful attitude They think that my life is dull without a spunk I can live without the presence of a multitude. In the silence of my place, I find my inner solace Away from the din and worthless banters There is no need for fancy, just a small space This is my sanctuary, free from senseless chatters Being alone is never lonely, but rather it is blissful For in solitude, one can see the inner beauty of life I don't feel grouchy but makes me smile and joyful I don't feel like a caged bird, pierced with a knife. © Dolores Lapinid Philippines


"The Power of Silence"

It may sound nothing But it gives more peace And power to create Harmonious relationships for each other. Conflicts of indifferences Is the source of all noises But learning to keep silent And respect each other's opinions May keep relationships Intact and close with each other Never underestimate The power of silence For where is silence There is God.

© Antoniette Dy Tubale Philippines


"In Pensive Mood"

Being alone somewhere Is a moment of reflection It gives good judgment With the silence of great solace.

When we are in painful misery Solitude starts to flow in heart Without knowing that a sudden bliss Would sprout from the heart with gleams Glancing at the waves of ocean And the vermillion rays of the sun... Can alleviate and drench the pains That enlighten the heart in bloom... Thus solitude is like a song of confidence That erases pride and prejudices... And tears of passion will wash away ever fear... And such solitude turns into bliss... Zenaida Laragan Taloza Italy


Below, in the slider, image of our prompt and a painting by Zenaida Laragan Taloza

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