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The Age of Denim

On April 13th, Dr. Amitabh Mitra offered a Prompt to our ILA poets, the themed topic was "The Age of Denim." Being a part of the denim age, as well as various phases, from clothing to alternative thinking in poetry, arts, film, music, it's a parallel, multi-dimensional movement. We asked poets to write their "fading blues" to a higher form of thought and activity. Out of the 13 Submissions received, only ONE POET came closest to the denim rage, he was chosen as Best Entry for his poem, "The Age of Denim" and finally his work is published!



Human life is a cycle of colors. This mortal world shows nothing ever green. One day all will face denim colors That will reflect on everybody's screen.

We are recycled history machines To act and to act now is our sole aim. In future, attire may be faded jean Flesh and blood body may diminish flame.

Leaving the foot prints on the sands of time Never be denim even if you are gone Always be ever singing rhyme in chime Life is nothing but name and fame, act on.

Let me be denim, be a lover of love. Let me be denim, trust on God above.

© Prasanna Bhatta India

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